Grafting Party

Grafting Party – 25th March 2012

There are many great reasons to graft fruit trees, from extending the harvest season, to easier fruit tree pollination, enjoying more varieties and creating more disease resistant trees. Our participants ranged from novices to several experienced horticulturists. Everyone had a chance to try grafting and many interesting questions were asked and answered.

We were very fortunate to have John Valenzuela lead the workshop and to get a glimpse at the enormous knowledge he has regarding horticulture and advanced grafting techniques. We would also like to thank Greensteader’s board member Robert Wieckowski for both sponsoring and hosting the event. Below are some photos from the event.

Workshop – learning different types of grafting techniques. Starting with cleft grafts.
Onto a larger tree!
Graft location – sun exposure, out of the way, within hand picking reach.
Proper technique for cutting the scion – the hand that is holding the scion moves, the knife remains stationary, to avoid any injuries and create even cuts.
This scion is now ready for bark grafting.
Finished bark graft, with temporary label.

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