Eco Village Tour

Aquaponics at San Mateo Eco Village – 10th June 2012

Below are some photos from visiting San Mateo Eco Village.

The tour begins…
Overview of the San Mateo Eco Village garden.
Pipes for the aquaponics system. There are three distinct flow cuircuts, all colour coded. The system rotates between them automatically.
Pipes going to the outside fish pond – empty at the time of visit.
Inside the Aquaponics greenhouse. Small fish pond is in front of Sanda, in the ground. Behind are grow beds.
Another view of the inside pond with koy, as farming tilapia in Northern Caliornia is only allowed in established, large scale fisheries. Can we vote on that?
Grow beds.
Back outside – chicken coop.
Resting by the water on a hot, summer day was really pleasant.

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