Singing Frogs Farm Tour

We got an opportunity to visit a cutting edge of sustainabilitty – Singing Frogs Farm! It took some persistence but it was soooo well worth it. I would recommend it to anyone on a small scale farm or to backyard gardeners serious about growing their own food.

Getting to know new farm animals… This is Charlie, an aged llama, surprised to see us. 😉

Now for the real matter: dense planting, no sprays of any kind, 4 to 7 harvests a year!!!
How is this possible?

Very rich soil that’s teaming with life! Currently about 1/4 inch of compost is applied before each planting. At the outset it was about 2 inches.

Soil is always covered – planting within hours of harvest. If not possible cover the soil with a breathable blanket. Also, the hedge of perennials was planted first on the farm – to keep the pests at bay.

Almost everything is started in flats, one seed per cell – creates strong plants that can outcompete weeds. Nothing is thinned – waste of time (even when in case of beets or allium they plant 3 seeds to a cell).

The potting mix is 1:2 potting soil to compost. This approach to planting creates strong, long roots.

Compost pile on site – nothing is chopped! Blanket over compost for keeping rats close to food source – this way you can easily find and trap them! Learn more about blankets they use from the horse’s mouth.

This blog is a short, short version – information was flowing constantly for the two hours we were there. We hope to be back some day to deepen our understanding.
For now, way good bye to Charlie and his master, Paul. We have learned a lot, thank you!

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