Come to End of Summer Seed Exchange!

It may be a little late for starting your Winter garden at the end of August but the climate here is so forgiving, we should be still all right.  We are going to have our semi annual Seed Exchange on the 27th of August, from 2 till 4pm at the usual Cannery Park in Sunnyvale.  Please come along and share your seeds or starts, or edible weeds, as may be!  I’m eating a lot of Purslane this year, as it is popping everywhere in my backyard.  Let’s see what other people grew this Summer and what they are planting for winter; let’s learn from each other.

This year has proven to be pretty good for tomatoes so far and hopefully it will hold true till the end of August.  We should have a nice heirloom tomato sampling at the exchange, so please bring a few of your favourite varieties for tasting or anything that did well in your garden.  Sharing is the theme!  I will have the usual lemonade and simple munchies.

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