Plant Sale and Swap

We are going to be at the City of Cupertino’s Earth Day event as it is our tradition.  The event is held on 22nd of April, Saturday, from 11am till 3pm at the city plaza (by Library and City Hall).

We will be selling heirloom tomato plants and also have various starts for swapping with fellow gardeners.  Come and say Hi!

Here is a list of tomatoes on hand and how many we currently have:

Ananas Noir 2
Aunt Ruby’s German Green 1
Aussie 3
Beauty King 4
Black & Brown Boar 1
Black Prince 2
Brandysweet Plum 2
Chadwick’s Cherry 4
Cherokee Chocolate 1
Cherokee Purple 4
Cuor di Bue 4
Isis Candy 9
Japanese Black Trifelle 8
Jersey Devil 3
Lollipop 1
Matt’s Wild Cherry 4
Marvel Striped 4
Mortgage Lifter 2
Neves Azorean 4
Omar’s Lebanese 4
Pink Brandywine 3
Red Brandywine 4
Rosalie’s Early Orange 2
San Marzano 6
Thessaloniki 3
Striped Roman 1

All plants are in 4 inch pots and we are selling them for $3.50 each.

We will also have a Champion Biochar Stove on display!  Don’t miss the opportunity to check it out in person.  We will be selling it at the event at a discount.

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