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Winter Seed Exchange – it didn’t rain on us!

Thank you all for coming to the Winter Seed exchange.  The rain forecast certainly impacted turnout but it was great to see some familiar faces.  I was too busy swapping seeds or otherwise talking and having fun to take many photos, so here are just a few.

See you next time around!

Our next event will be selling tomato seedlings at the Cupertino Earth Day Event on the 22nd of April 2017 at the City Hall Plaza.  Hope to see you there!

Time for Seed Exchange

It’s that time of the year to meet at the tiny Cannery Park for our bi-annual Seed Exchange.  We will be meeting on Saturday, March 4th, 2 – 4 pm at: W California Ave and Pajaro Ave, Sunnyvale, CA, 94086.  Look for people at a table with seed packets – it’s a very small park, you can’t miss us.  Bring any seeds, scions, or starts you cherish and want to share, or just a good attitude and a desire to garden talk.  It’s always good to meet and learn from fellow gardeners, so come along and join us!  I will provide the usual: coin envelopes for seed sharing, pencils, snacks and drinks.

If anyone has 6 pack seedling containers, please consider bringing them along – we will use them for our annual plant sale at the city of Cupertino’s Earth Day event, that’s scheduled for April 22nd this year.

Lastly, for all the new gardeners: since this is the season of purchasing seeds for planting, if you are concerned about supporting or not supporting GMO related companies, read this article about Territorial, Johnny’s and others:  I found it interesting to learn that as of June 2012, Johnny’s is an employee owned company!  Some of the GMO free seed companies are at

Hope to see you at the exchange!

End of Summer Seed Exchange!

Thank you all for coming to our semi annual Seed Exchange.  We had ample tomatoes to taste, with some varieties repeated from different growers – interesting to see how location makes a difference.  It’s all in your soil!  (And I need to work on improving mine. 😉  Here are a few of the tomato varieties we sampled:

And more varieties:


The Indigo Apple had actually an interesting flavour.  I would not choose it if I had a limited space, but it’s certainly interesting enough to grow as a display and curiosity item.  You can see hints of blueberry blue on its skin in the photo above.

IMG_1981 - Copy

While most of us carefully save seeds in separate containers, label them and let them ferment a little, others like to be surprised with what they grow.  It makes for an interesting art piece.  😉

We swapped some seeds and I’ll be curious to try new variety of carrots.  If you like what you see, come and join us next time around – in February 2017!

Seed Exchange

Our semi annual seed exchange brought together some veteran gardeners and newbies alike.  You can swap seeds for heirloom or simply open pollinated plants – those that will stay true to its type, once you save seeds.  Almost all of the yummy tomato varieties we grow and swap are open pollinated.

 We all had fun swapping seeds and gardening advice, and stories.

We provide coin envelopes for seed sharing and light snacks.  Everyone brings seeds, or at least appetite to learn and try growing some tasty food in their gardens.  Hope you join us next time!

Winter Seed Exchange

Despite the inclement weather forecast for the day, many hard core gardeners came to our Seed Exchange, some from as far as Gilroy (!) and stayed long pass the usual 2 hours, still talking about gardening and swapping seeds. We invite you all next time!

It is wonderful to see both the familiar faces and the new alike!

Hmmm… what do you recommend?

Yet again we welcome the youngest gardeners – just a few months old baby!

Yes, I think I’ll try that!

This time we also had a fair amount of plants for the swapping.
Come and join us next time!

Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale and Swap

Cupertino Earth Day 2014

We seem to be getting more ties with Gilroy – yet again some folk travelled that far to join us!

Welcome to our booth at Cupertino’s 2014 Earch Day!

It was a busy and joyous day for us!

There is nothing like sound gardening tips from a pro!

Look at all those tomatoes!

Which one shall we pick?

We love kids at our table!

And they love our tomatoes!

Hope to see you all there next year!

Winter Seed Exchange

SeedExchange – 25th February 2012

We had more folk come out to our Seed Exchange this year, which made for a very pleasurable event.  The weather cooperated, we had a sea of seeds to choose from and even some starts, like Ammi Visnaga, Flat Leaf Parsley and more.

Found it!

Overview – many seeds and conversations to choose from!

Different view.

Spreading the love of gardening!

And it grows in my container garden!

Come join us next time!!!