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Grey Water Workshop at Susan’s

Here are the photos…
…from our GreyWater Workshop – thanks to Susan Cann for hosting the event (6th of June 2010):

Between Susan’s promotion of the event and myself we had a nice group of people interested in the topic show up.  Alan explained first about the rules and regulations, and participants shared their stories.  We learned that the laundry to landscape solution is the most promoted by the state.  At the same time, there is only one brand of landscape safe soap that can be used in such system: Oasis. Lot’s of room for improvement…

Close up of the crowd.


Landscaping `before` the event – Susan wanted to remove the brick planter and all the plants to start fresh. She is still to decide what to do with this area…


In the garage – Alan explains what we will install next to the washing machine.


The water output connection `before`.


Water output connection as it will be, using a three way valve. The valve controls if the water should flow to the landscape or the sewer.

Since placement of main water drainage is not yet resolved, the water will flow through this barrel first to slow it down. Once the placement of output pipes is determined, this barrel will be removed.

Ooutput connection `after`. The right side of the valve is not yet connected, since another decision has not been made yet: where to drill the whole in the garage wall for the output hose.

Close up of the three way valve with connections.

A simple solution to keeping output hose covered, yet not in the ground, so that plant roots don’t enter it – an inverted 1 gallong plastic pot with top partially cut off.

A mockup of how the water will flow to the landscape: the output hose goes into the inverted 1 gallon pot and will discharge there. The pot in the middle simulates a tree, with a shallow trench around it filled with coarse mulch. The top of inverted pot can be covered by mulch or a statue – possibilities are endless.