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Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale and Swap

It by now our tradition to be part of the Cupertino’s Earth Day event every year. We were selling a variety of heirloom tomato plants and offering starts for swap with fellow gardeners.

Our booth.

Cupertino City Council member, Savita Vaidhyanathan, paid us a visit!

We like to see kids at our booth. They are always so curious…

And happy to learn. She is proudly holding a sheet on how to plant tomatoes!

What to choose, what to choose… Perhaps we have too many choices! 😉

Welcome young gardeners! See you again next year!

Winter Seed Exchange

Despite the inclement weather forecast for the day, many hard core gardeners came to our Seed Exchange, some from as far as Gilroy (!) and stayed long pass the usual 2 hours, still talking about gardening and swapping seeds. We invite you all next time!

It is wonderful to see both the familiar faces and the new alike!

Hmmm… what do you recommend?

Yet again we welcome the youngest gardeners – just a few months old baby!

Yes, I think I’ll try that!

This time we also had a fair amount of plants for the swapping.
Come and join us next time!

Eco-Farm Conference

We were promoting biochar at the 2015 Eco-Farm Conference held in Asilomar, Monterey, CA. Thank you all for stopping at our booth and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. See below for a few photos from the event.

Our booth at the Eco-Farm Conference.

Frankie enthusiastic about biochar!

This was by far the largest seed exchange I have ever attended. And scion exchange was happening in another room at the same time.

With lots of seeds, both common and exotic…

and crowds of attendees.

I mean, crowds of enthusiastic attendees. 😉

There was also fun: beer and cheese tasting.

Needless to say, this was a very popular event.

Come and join us next year!

Biochar Workshop

Biochar Stove Building at Veggielution – November 2014

We pulled our resurces and enrolled a few folk to build a biochar stove for Veggielution Community Farm in San Jose. We had two metal barrels to work with, plus a store purchased chimney, an old cookie can and a couple other odds and ends. The result: full barrel load TLUD biochar stove and a kiln! See below for details and make sure to join us next time!

Cutting metal drum 1/3 length wise, with the shorter end having the bottom of the barrel. The shorter end will be part of the TLUD stove, and the left over 2/3 barrel ring is the poor man’s kiln!

Assembled barrels making bulk of the TLUD (top lift up draft) stove, after one of the barrels is cut.

This TLUD will have handles for easier handling. These are attached at the bottom of the stove, for emptying the char out.

Lunch break – delicious food courtesy of Veggielution. Char talk never stops…

Making the sparc arrestor from an old cookie can – it was just the perfect size!

The chimney with stove arrestor assembled.

TLUD at work!

We made only a little bit of char – only partially loaded the stove due to time constraints.

Biochar Workshop

We had a full room at the biochar workshop at Veggielution!

Back row listening attentively…

Paul Taylor demonstrating Champion stove.

Demonstration of a stove made from cans.

Back in the lecture room.

Thank you all for coming! We have learned at lot!