What’s growing in your garden?

Come to our Seed Exchange on the 17th of September and share not only seeds, but also sample our favourite heirloom tomato  varieties.

You can also see photos from our Winter Seed Exchange, last year’s End of Summer Seed Exchange and Biochar Workshop at Veggielution Community Farm that was held at the end of 2015, featuring a pyramid kiln.

Worthy of mention is a visit we paid to a very advanced farm that’s cutting edge in sustainability: Singing Frogs Farm. Building several feet of topsoil and getting 4 – 7 harvests a year from the same bed piques interest even in California. Anyone serious about growing food should check them out. Here is a summary of our visit – take a look and learn some of their secrets!

We are excited to announce availability of Biochar Champion Stove for purchase in the USA! Help sequester carbon and put it in the soil, where it belongs, while increasing soil fertility and its water holding capacity. Read more about Biochar and the Champion Stove here.