Biochar Workshop at Veggielution

This was a very informative and fun event showcasing a 55 gal TLUD, cylindrical and pyramid kilns.

The below featured pyramid kiln is made from 4′ x 4′ metal sheets.  It produces 20 cubic feet (about 250lb) of biochar in one, continuous operation.  It has a draining hole in the bottom with a pipe and a ball valve ending that fits regular garden hose.  When bottom quenched it produces smoke water that’s beneficial for the plants, but specifically for germinating seeds.

Starting fire in this pyramid kiln needs to be done towards the top, otherwise there is air flow at the bottom of the kiln.  Hence we built a nice structure and put some kindling at the top.  Once first layer of wood started turning white, it was time to add another.  When burning fully, there was almost no smoke – pyramid kiln is designed to circulate smoke back into the fire, for drastic reduction in pollution.  Another clean burning device to produce biochar!

Starting fire in a cylindrical kiln.  This kiln is not designed for clean burning and produces quite a lot of smoke.

Another clean burning device – a TLUD cooking stove, designed by an American scientist and produced in India.  You can see there is no visible smoke coming from it.  It is used in India and other countries as an indoor cooking device, reducing smoke related health issues (lungs cancer).

End product form the pyramid kiln – beautiful char!

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